Our perception of natural elements surrounding us inspired our previous collections.

For our SS2022 Collection, we decided to take it further and look for inspiration in what is out there, but cannot be seen, what feels unknown, but we're still a part of it.

Meet the latest Collection: Outer Space. We observed space, this boundless dimension, which hosts an infinite number of planets, stars, and galaxies. Along with films like Melancholia (2011), a film by director Lars von Trier, it helped us create this new Collection. Melancholia showcases an authentic color scheme with a psychedelic feel. By using a lot of brown, beige, green and orange, these colours have inspired us, focusing on including silhouettes that naturally drape around all bodies, creating beautiful curves and movement.

We took all of these elements to develop Outer Space. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

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