Sustainable Practices

Building sustainable practices require designing products from a fully circular and ethical mindset. This is where we have an advantage in honesty.


We are committed to decreasing our use of natural resources when producing. We apply a series of innovative processes, which have reduced our need for virgin resources by ensuring that our waste is reused within the system. This technology creates a cycle that never stops working towards bringing you the most ethical clothing.


.blacktogrey uses textiles that are created from start to finish by Hallotex—a company that is vertically integrated, meaning it owns and operates almost every step of its supply chain. We have been to each factory and worked personally with the employees, ensuring a sustainable and high quality experience for everyone involved. 


We believe that sustainability is not only in the form of protecting the environment but also in protecting society. Every employee matters, and we do all we can to be responsible and compassionate with every worker.


We are staying out of landfills by working with pre-orders to avoid overproduction. Our team is continually improving our understanding of the production process by obtaining data and measuring our impact on the environment.


Each of our products are designed with the highest quality fabrics, in fashion-forward and timeless designs meant to endure the test of time. Once our designs are created, the quality is hand-tested, so we know that each garment is capable of being worn, loved, and used for a lifetime.


.blacktogrey has a take back program that gives the opportunity to recycle or resell the .blacktogrey garments people don’t want to own anymore. We will take care of the post-ownership phase to prolong the life of the your garments. Once you are not wearing or no longer want the piece, we will buy it again to resell it or recycle it into a new garment.